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Tom Oreck 

Former CEO of The Oreck Corporation

While I served as VP Sales and later CEO of Oreck Corp I worked with the team at CSA building our business at QVC. We became a major brand at QVC and their largest supplier in the categories we served during that time. Much of the credit belongs to the team at CSA. They brought us into QVC and taught us how to operate in the QVC environment.


CSA worked closely with us to create and present effective offers to QVC and helped us execute successfully. The team at CSA created the demonstrations and support materials that were used on air, worked closely with us to craft and hone the presentations. They analyzed performance on a real time basis and advised us how to adjust presentations to maximize dollars per minute. On air setup, breakdown and support was handled by CSA's team.

Their close relationship with QVC management and the trust earned by them from QVC allowed us to to test and prove ideas and to collaboratively solve problems. I became the on air guest for Oreck and the coaching I received form CSA was a significant factor in my success in that role.


CSA understands the QVC business as well or better than anyone I have encountered in my many years working with QVC. Oreck earned the trust and solid business relationship with QVC in great measure due to the knowledge, integrity and hard work of the team at CSA.

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