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Third - Party Logistics Services

Drop-ship and Fulfillment

As your premier retail partner, we are able to coordinate every aspect of drop-ship and fulfillment through various data-exchange services. We can fully integrated with these services using our unique proprietary Real-Time Analytics Software. This real-time software automates delivery of orders from to quickly pick, pack and ship. In addition, it automates inventory updates to the retailer/site to maximize sales and avoid overselling. The real-time software reconciles your shipments with your customers payments to maintain accurate accounting. We also drop-ship for Amazon, eBay and other third-party selling channels.

CSA has accumulated 25+ years of excellence selling and managing world recognized brands in various channels of retail distribution while continuing to focus in areas of service that are tailored around the specific needs of our clients.  These areas include drop-ship, fulfillment, reworks, returns, client product builds and customer service. We have provided these services for world recognized brands such as Sleep Number beds, La-Z-Boy, Conair and temp-tations®.

Tailored Needs


No two companies are alike. Every company has "tailored needs" that are unique to the way it does business. CSA tailors 3PL services around the exclusive needs of our clients. Some of these needs include customized reporting, specialized data integration, real-time dashboards and mobile access via our proprietary Real-Time Analytics Software – any device, anytime, anywhere. We deliver these services at a price that is affordable. Tell us your needs and let us deliver.


CSA specializes in receiving customer returns by converting your product returns into cash. We call it “Cash-For-Trash.” Every seller must accept product returns from customers. The percentage of returns will vary depending on the product.  Product returns fall into four categories:

·        Perfect for resale

·        Re-packaged for resale

·        Re - worked for samples or resale

·        Waste

At your discretion, we can sell unwanted product on eBay or Amazon. In addition, we provide detailed reports on all customer returns that allow you our customer to see the value for yourself.

Product Builds

Retailers require products sold on .com to go through a rigorous build process. Each item must be photographed and sized according to specific guidelines. In addition, a seller must submit a master build template with required information for each product. Our proprietary software system collects and automates this process for accurate and efficient submission.


Many times our clients need to rework a product sold at a retailer or online to be sold with a different configuration. We have a staff with many years of experience that understands the guidelines to rework your product – adding value and maximizing your selling potential at any retailer.

Customer Service

Sometimes in addition to drop-ship and fulfillment, our clients need specialized customer service. Our award-winning customer service team, winner of the prestigious awards, intimately acquaints themselves with each product we represent. We do this by allowing your representative to come to our facility to demonstrate your product to us. Our customer service team familiarizes themselves with your product using a “hands-on” approach. This raises the level of service to your customer by allowing us to better represent your product and your brand.

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