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About Us


CSA has made selling on q its business focus worldwide for 30 years. We have had the opportunity to establish leading national brands like Sleep Number, Oreck , Mama Mancini's Meatballs, La-Z-Boy and others. We have also been able to build strong marketing and sales stories for many of the leading items on q as well.


CSA will manage the marketing partnership between the Company and the world’s leading electronic retailer. Our vendor partners have realized the talents that CSA holds in identifying how a product is to be marketed on TV. The Oreck Corporation, Ronco and Sleep Number have come to CSA to have their products marketed on q. CSA has handled and implemented a comprehensive marketing program that focuses on clear channel distribution for these companies products and generate tens of millions of dollars in revenue.


The food business on Q began in 1995 and CSA was there early in the category's performance.  With over 20 years of experience in managing this category of business of over 50 food brands, CSA is uniquely qualified to increase a food vendor's market share, it's share of voice on the internet and to help drive sales in other channels of a brand's distribution.


CSA is also a company known for its abilities to both source and invent new and innovative products, and bring them to the marketplace. The company was founded in February of 1989. Over its history, CSA has marketed a wide variety of products including health & beauty items, tools, food & cooking products and gift ideas. In many situations, the marketing talents held by CSA have enabled the company to develop some of the most successful products into entire brands. The company also owns several trademarks and patents for many of their products.


The company holds a unique position in this retail channel of distribution. CSA was one of the first companies to market its products on television and as a result became very involved in the fabric of electronic retailing. Since this industry was so new, CSA was able to experiment with different ways of presenting and selling product on TV. As a result, CSA was able to master this art, gain a competitive edge over many of its competitors, and become one of the leaders in the electronic retailing industry. CSA has been recognized with over 10 major awards and helped launch the Vendor Alliance Initiative.

CSA Brands on QVC
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