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Jimmy " The Baker" Tanico Presidnt of Yorktown Baking Company

"From the launch of Jimmy The Baker on almost four years ago to this moment that I am writing this message, CSA has been and continues to be the necessary piece in my success at QVC. 


QVC is simply said, is not easy to navigate, with their seven different departments and the multiple platforms (on air, website, apps & etc.) upon which they operate and having CSA’s several decades of experience at QVC has been invaluable in building my brand.



Together, we have built my brand and my reputation as America’s Neighborhood Baker and I have been able to stay true to my brand position, while growing sales both on air and in the all important off air category.


With CSA at our side, from product presentation to merchandising, to set development and on air productions, through fulfilment and payment, my company has grown at QVC beyond what I might have thought possible.



Most important to me is my instant access to the people at CSA at all hours and with immediate response.  It is often said that when problems occur, as they always do in business, you need to know who to call and what questions to ask.  When it comes to QVC, CSA knows the answer to both of these questions.


I cannot highly enough recommend my friends at CSA to anyone who entertains the thought of putting their brand on QVC."



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