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Apira Science is a trusted leader and pioneer in Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT). In working with teams of scientists in photo medicine and experts in optical engineering for over a decade, Apira Science has emerged as the preeminent specialist in innovative home-use light therapy solutions. The iGrow Hair Growth Platform is the result of Apira's decades of experience, scientific innovation and knowledge of the application of LLLT. 

In addition, the iGrow is FDA 510k cleared for men and women. Some companies achieve FDA clearance through a shortcut method, by claiming that their product is "just like" products already on the market. At iGrow, we did it the right way: double-blind clinical trials, with results reviewed by a third-party institution and published in a prestigious medical journal. Our impressive results - a 35% increase in hair growth - reflect iGrow technology - not someone else's.










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