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When Harry (Aaron) Forman arrived in London’s East End from Russia at the beginning of the last century he pursued the trade he knew best – curing fish; in particular, the salmon he imported in barrels of brine from the Baltic. It wasn’t long, however, before he discovered a rich source of fresh wild salmon much closer to home: Scotland.

Inspired by the exceptional quality of fresh Scottish salmon, Harry developed a cure that complemented its unrivaled flavor. The deliciously mild London Cure was born and soon it was the talk of reputable establishments around the capital such as Wilton's restaurant which we have supplied for over 90 years with our genuine wild smoked Scottish salmon.

A century later H. Forman & Son remains a family concern, the last of the original London smokeries, with Lance Forman, Harry’s great grandson, flying the flag for the famous London Cure. Remaining faithful to principles established in 1905 – the freshest salmon, a little salt, just the right amount of oak smoke – he is upholding traditional values and skills that would otherwise have died out long ago, along with one of gastronomy’s finest foods: H. Forman & Son’s Genuine Wild Smoked Scottish Salmon.

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