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Dan Mancini

Co-Founder of Mama Mancini's Meatballs

"I can not say enough about my experience and level of success with QVC because of CSA. I am the co founder of Mama Mancini's and when we started the company, on my bucket list was at some point to bring my story and products to QVC. I also knew I would get one shot at it and I wanted the best shot possible. I did speak with several companies before signing with CSA. I am a believer in going with what your gut says and after speaking with Jonathan Levine, my gut said CSA was the right company. 


CSA's decades of experience has been evident in their strategic planning, help in sku development and the management of my brand. Within a couple weeks of signing with CSA I was in front of the buying team and shortly after on air with my brand.  I might add that they worked closely with me to be sure I would have the best shot of success for my first airing. I sold out in 6.5 of my 8 minutes. It became immediately obvious to me that CSA understands how all of the departments work at QVC and what they require, which is a huge advantage. CSA has helped me build a comprehensive approach to sales development at QVC, including the all important "off air sales". Off air sales are something that I was not aware of until Jonathan got us rolling, I call it a silent sales person. Selling 24 hours a day 7 days a week, simply incredible.




I am a huge social media person and I loved that CSA was up to speed in helping to coordinate my social media efforts with those of QVC and the results have been very strong. I love the fact that if I call, email or text the key people at CSA I literally get a response in minutes. For me in this world of having to move fast, CSA could not be more responsive. 


I am a relationship person. I believe it drives everything in life, in business and my "friends" at CSA actually care. To me that is priceless. So thank you to the team at CSA and of course, my gut."

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